Business Planning & Organizational Development Consultant Terms of Reference

Business Planning & Organizational Development Consultant

Terms of Reference

Month: November 2019                                                                                                    Location: Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR


GDA is seeking a national or international consultant to conduct a 3-Day workshop on “Organizational Development and Business Planning” in Vientiane Capital. All GDA Staff, Board Members, and key stakeholders will attend the workshop. The purpose of the training is to gain fundamental knowledge and skills on establishing a business plan, human resource management plan and developing a marketing strategy that will strengthen GDA’s ability to secure financial and organizational sustainability. All stakeholders will engage actively and pluralistically throughout the duration of the training.

Capacity Development Objectives:

The activity is intended to strengthen the organizational capacity and financial sustainability of GDA. As an expert in gender equity and a leader in gender development in Lao PDR, GDA’s projects support fundamental achievements in areas including; gender-based violence, gender mainstreaming, women’s economic empowerment, women’s leadership in climate change, rural ethnic community development, maternal health & nutrition, LGBTQ rights & social inclusion, critical research, and effective dialogue for policy influence. This crucial work can only continue insofar as GDA’s ability to not only remain operational, but to accelerate service delivery by ensuring financial viability and longevity. GDA must develop new strategies for marketing, generating revenue, budget management, human resource management, external partnership building, and future program planning, so that the organization can continue to grow and expand its reach to support the needs of the most marginalized communities.


The consultant is expected to assess the needs and deliver an individualized training workshop to achieve the intended objectives. After the Terms are disseminated through relevant networks, GDA will welcome applications from qualified individuals, and select the consultant based on the procurement criteria. The successful applicant will be notified and GDA will schedule the training accordingly.

  • Academic qualification in Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Organizational Development, Human Resources, and/or NGO Management from a recognized institution
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in business planning and/or organizational development
  • A proven track record of successful organizational development planning
  • A proven track record of successful financial sustainability planning
  • Experience designing capacity-building (or other) training workshops for grassroots organizations
  • Excellent facilitation skills
  • Lao language abilities are considered an asset


Expected Deliverables of the Workshop
  1. Before the workshop, assess the needs of GDA by conducting a pre-evaluation survey.
  2. Conduct the workshop along the lines of the schedule outlined below.
  3. Conduct an evaluation at the end of the workshop to gain more feedback from GDA staff on their needs for strategic planning and other business topics.
  4. Post Workshop: Provide templates for further developing and revising HR, Donor Relations, Marketing, and Strategic Planning.
  5. Create a report that encompasses the feedback of participants and outlines your recommendations for a strategic plan.
Proposed Training Schedule:


Day 1


•    Introduction to Business Planning (What is it? Why is it necessary? How often should it be revised? Etc.)

•    Strategies for developing a Business Plan (Inc. organizational assessment and establishing common goals)

Day 2


•    Developing a Business Plan for Sustainability

•    Developing a Marketing Strategy

•    Growth: Location, Asset (present and future plan), Process of production/service

Day 3


•    Growth & Innovation: Understanding Organizational Longevity

•    Organizational Development: Management, Operational Structure, Roles & Responsibilities, Capacities & Opportunities

•    Planning for Financial Sustainability: Mapping, Forecasting, Balancing Expenses, Securing Income

•    Present Plan & Finalize Implementation Strategy

How to Apply:

Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply immediately by submitting a CV, financial proposal, and sample of a previous training on the same topic or similar, via email to with Business Training Consultant in the subject line. Applications are welcome in both Lao and English.