Call for Application – National Researcher (Consultant)

Call for Application – National Researcher (Consultant)


Position Title:

National Researcher (Consultant)


Vientiane Capital and Mad District, Vientiane Province

Reports to:

Cuso Laos Team Leader and GDA Director

Employment Status:

Part Time – Fixed Contract

Cuso International – Laos and Gender Development Association is seeking a National Researcher (consultant) to conduct a Country Level Gender Analysis on ‘Indigenous Women’s Voice in Climate Adaptation Policy’. This Terms of Reference outlines the detailed requirements for the consultant.


About Cuso International – Laos and Gender Development Association

Cuso International is a development organization that collaborates with local groups, national governments and other like-minded organizations to build alliances, connections and strategically place skilled volunteers to work on projects that reduce global poverty and inequality in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.  Cuso International – Laos has been working for more than 25 years in Lao PDR on projects for improved agriculture, sustainable livelihoods and environmental management.


The Gender Development Association (GDA), formerly the Gender and Development Group (GDG) and the Women in Development (WID) network, was formed in 1991. A collaboration of the Lao Women’s Union (LWU), UNICEF, and other International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs), the WID network focused on women and gender development issues in Lao PDR.

In 1996 the name of WID changed to the “Gender and Development Group (GDG)” to more accurately reflect the goals of the network.  This includes focusing on both women and men in the area of development.

Background and Rationale

This research and knowledge-sharing initiative will explore how climate resilience-building strategies developed by indigenous women in SE Asia have the potential for gender transformation and social and environmental justice. It aims to discover what we can learn from these strategies and practices to guide more inclusive climate policy.

Role & Deliverables

  1. A soft-copy desk-research report of max 20 pages, with exec summary, bibliography/ references and annexes (for more detailed data). The report will combine the field-research (outlined below) with the desk research conducted by an eVolunteer researcher. Where gaps are identified in the desk-research, the consultant will fill them.
  2. The report should summarize the research methodology, findings and analysis for Lao PDR according to a standardized structure & template – to facilitate cross-country comparison & learning. Participatory action research methodology should be used, with emphasis on the learning process of villagers. Focus areas for this research include:
  • Formation & orientation of documentation team comprising community members. Selection of tools & methods for gathering data.
  • Share with communities an overview of climate change, policy, decision-making process, and related citizen’s rights. Validate findings with community members.
  • Develop a sampling strategy that explicitly records how men/women experiences differ according to class, age, ethnicity, etc.
  • Conduct mini-ethnographic baseline studies to record (a) gender roles & power & access to resources; (b) level of networking & knowledge-sharing between men/women in different communities; (c) extent of livelihood diversity, crop calendars, etc; (d) effects of climate change on livelihoods, if any; (e) livelihood adaptation strategies & practices; (f) impact of current regulations, laws, policies and other external interventions on livelihoods.
  • Conduct interviews with women and other community members & leaders, as well as with policy makers at different levels.
  • Document in-depth insights and conclusions for policy-makers
  1. Submit proposed sampling strategy, research tools, interview guides and report structure for approval, consistency with parallel studies in 3 other countries
  2. Lead an online dialogue using the project’s platform, to share and debate his/her findings with interested online audiences. S/He will document the key points of these discussions and post them on the platform.
  3. Prepare and deliver a presentation of research findings/analysis at a 3-day conference in Bangkok (TBC) on indigenous women’s voice in livelihood adaptation.
  4. Lead a panel on a relevant thematic area at the same conference.


An indicative timetable for this evaluation is provided below. It is anticipated the assignment will commence in mid-August 2019.


Indicative dates



Consultant ‘s work days

29 July – 16 August 2019

Advertisement for Consultant (s)


19 August 2019

Recruitment & contract


24 August 2019

Scoping study, draft report structure, research tools and sampling strategy


1 – 21 September 2019

Field work


30 September 2019

Draft report


14 October 2019

Full draft report


Total number of days required:



  • Strong background in anthropology and/or experience with ethnographic studies.
  • Research qualification and experience
  • Strong written & oral communication skills – ability to present to an audience in English
  • Ideally, will be a member of the indigenous community, with established relationships of trust etc.
  • Project management experience is desirable.

Reporting & Collaboration:

The National Researcher will report to the Indigenous People’s Organization. S/he will collaborate

with two eVolunteer Researchers and build on their desk research findings and may be further supported by national volunteers with similar interest/background; if this can be arranged & funded by the Indigenous People’s Organization.



DURATION:               2 months (Mid-August – Mid-October 2019)

STARTING DATE:     As soon as possible

HOW TO APPLY?      Interested candidates should forward a CV and cover letter to and  with the position clearly marked in the subject line. Applications should be received no later than 9th August 2019, 17:00h.


Cuso International – Laos and Gender Development Association (GDA) are equal opportunity employers!