Our Partners

Development Partnerships


Currently Oxfam International is the GDA main development partner providing funding for continuous three year action plans which started in 2008 and extended to 2013. Our current action plan has extended from 2014-2016. Oxfam International funds support for organizational development, our sustainable women empowerment project, gender mainstreaming and advocacy work to promote gender equality.

European Union

This has been made possible by funding from the European Union (EU).


IWRAW Asia Pacific

IWRAW -AP provides support for the project called “Strengthening the Voices of Young Women as Gender Equality Advocates in Southeast Asia”.

Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact

AIPP provides support for our skills training and general activities

Global Fund for Women

The Global Fund for Women provides support for empowering economic rights for women. This grant is part of the Women’s Transformative Leadership Initiative (WTLI) which is funded by the Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women (FLOW) Fund of the Dutch government.


Our current donors include:

Previous donors include:

GDA has previously received funding for research and development projects from the International Development and Research Center (IDRC) , Global Fund for Women, Canada Fund, Roncalli International and UNIFEM.

CUSO – VSO Lao PDR and Concern Worldwide provided core funding during a number of years to enable GDA to work effectively in promoting gender in development in Lao PDR.

And GEP-Fund by UNDP on natural resources management in Sangthong as GDA targets villages.

Member Organisations

Currently, there are 10 member organizations — INGOs and NPO/As — working at grassroots level to improve the lives of rural people. Each member contributes to GDA’s operational costs through an annual membership fee of $300 USD.

The members are :

ARMIAssociation for Rural Mobilization and Improvement – (ARMI) well-known as NORMAI is one of leading development associations in Laos implementing its programme in 5 provinces: Savannakhet, Champasak, Vientiane capital, Vientiane and Khammouane province. ARMI/NORMAI sets itself as a goal to improve the quality of life of its target groups by improving their capacity to access and manage the resources and essential services required to satisfy basic needs in a sustainable way.

ADWLE – Association for Development of Women and Legal Education – The organization partners with law schools in Laos to provide education to both women and men on CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women), gender equality under the law, and women’s voices in policy and legal issues. ADWLE also helps organize students for events that raise awareness about violence against women, as well as conducts and publishes research on gender in the political system.

Helvetas – Swiss InterCooperation – HELVETAS is an international network of independent affiliate member organisations working in the field of development cooperation and emergency response. As a network, we promote the fundamental rights of individuals and groups and strengthen governments and other duty bearers in their service provision. HELVETAS started working in Lao P.D.R. in 2001 with activities mainly in the agriculture sector, addressing issues related to sustainable agriculture, food security and social equity in the country.

SAEDASustainable Agriculture and Environment Development Association – is a non-profit civil society organization founded in March 1991 in Lao PDR. SAEDA works to support vulnerable communities by promoting sustainable agriculture practices, and improving their capacity and awareness to safeguard the environment with projects focusing on three main areas of intervention: Sustainable agriculture, Chemical Pesticide Risk Reduction and Biodiversity Conservation.

MHP – Maeying Huamjai Phattana – MHP is a non profit association based in the North of Lao PDR, support ethnic women leader, income generation, environment and natural protection.

CARE – CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. We place special focus on working alongside poor women because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty.

MCC  – Mennonite Central Committee – MCC Laos currently works for sustainable community development in partnership with district-level government organizations on projects in agriculture, nutrition, HIV/AIDS education, and small-scale irrigation.

Plan – Plan is an international development organisation operating in 51 countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas to promote and protect the rights of children. Plan Laos builds the capacity of communities to ensure children are active in realising their full potential in a healthy and safe environment.

GAPE – Global Association for People and the Environment  – GAPE is a social and environmental purpose, Canadian non-profit organisation. Established in 1999, it works primarily in southern Laos.

CUSO – Cuso International is a development organization that works to reduce poverty and inequality through the efforts of highly skilled volunteers, collaborative partnerships and compassionate donors.