Position: Workshop Facilitator/Trainer-Internship-Job Fair Empowerment Opportunities for Women and Youth in Lao PDR Project, UNDEF (Lao National only)


Position: Workshop Facilitator/Trainer-Internship-Job Fair Empowerment Opportunities for Women and Youth in Lao PDR Project, UNDEF (Lao National only)

Location: Saythani District, Vientiane Capital

Duration: 1 Day workshop in June


Gender Development Association, GDA, is a leading Gender Rights Non-Profit Association, working throughout Lao PDR since 1991. GDA works to empower women and men to achieve gender equity through joint action, knowledge sharing and ending gender-based violence and discrimination. Our team is based in Vientiane Capital, and works in rural communities throughout Laos, as well as with our network of international partners.

Project Summary

With limited resources and barriers to education and employment, the Empowerment Opportunities for Youth and Women in Lao PDR project aims to create systems of youth empowerment, particularly for women and ethnic group, through providing training and self-development opportunities, to realize a more inclusive and equitable society in Lao PDR that invests in the future of the society by investing in its young people.


The expected outcome of the training is to enhance the capacity of Lao Youth, specifically marginalized communities including women and ethnic group, to better equip them for community involvement and professional life. Additionally, the training will focus on systemic opportunities to Youth participation in community development and decision-making opportunities.

Scope of Work

  • To design, plan and develop training material and activity for a curriculum vitae, cover letter, mock interview and internship for a job opportunity to 60 participants youth.
  • To prepare and coordinate with host organization to find good placement and to organize internships based on participant’s assessment need and recommendation to find good placement.
  • To support and monitor each participant’s internship 120 hours.
  • Technical advice to participants during the workshop.
  • To facilitate and provide training.
  • To provide training report

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Experienced completing training for youth capacity building on career planning.
  • Experienced working with youth and trainer skills on enhancing capacity for job opportunity.
  • Knowledgeable on Human Resource Development and ability to utilize principles, methods, techniques and systems of working with youth.
  • Have a strong network in various sectors (private sector, public sector, others organization)
  • Experienced evaluation and monitoring on youth capacity building with good report writing skills.

How to Apply:

Submit your complete application by no later than 08 March 2019, including CV and Letter of Interest. Applications must be submitted by e-mail only and as a single PDF file to email:  info@gdalaos.org. The only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview.

Based on Granting Guidelines available renumeration is USD 150 for this consultancy, per day.