Gender Development Association

Terms of Reference Between the Gender Development Association and the Partner Organization

Terms of Reference Between the Gender Development Association and the Partner Organization
Terms of Reference Between the Gender Development Association and the Partner Organization

Terms of Reference Between the Gender Development Association and the Partner Organization



Organization: Gender Development Association

Project: Views from the Frontline (VFL)

Location: Vientiane Capital, Luangphabang Province, Champasack Province,

Khammuan Province and Sekong Province

Title: Partner Organization Application

Duration: 12 months (February 2020 – January 2021)


In 2009, the Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) launched its Views from the Frontline (VFL) program to highlight the views of the most vulnerable and marginalized populations. The program seeks to provide complementary monitoring, baseline, and data to help guide actors to more effectively achieve the targets of the post-2015 development frameworks, especially the Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR), strengthening the accountability of governments, intergovernmental agencies and all other stakeholders to local communities and their resilience priorities.

A decade later, the objective of VFL 2019 is to strengthen the inclusion and collaboration between at-risk people, civil society, and governments in the design and implementation of policies and practices to reduce risks and strengthen resilience. As National Coordinating Organization (NCO), the Gender Development Association (GDA) has undertaken the primary role in leading the implementation of VFL in Lao PDR, until project completion in August 2021. The first step in launching VFL in Lao PDR, is to establish a National Advisory Committee (NAC) which will form the basis for multi-sector collaboration and expert guidance for the first phase of implementation.


Strengthen the inclusion and systematic collaboration between governments, at-risk people and civil society in the design and implementation of DRR and resilience policies and practices.


  • Implementing the program, engage with the local communities and the local actors, disseminate messages to different community stakeholders.
  • Working according to the agreed work plans, report deliverables, monitor the budgets and maintain operational effectiveness of the project,
  • Follow the Humanitarian Code of Conduct and Protection Policy for the staff, communities and external stakeholders.
  • Working as the frontline community organizer that implements surveys and supports the development of community-led action plans.
  • Conducts the surveys at the community level
  • Conducts an analysis of the data
  • Conducts workshops with the community
  • Collects data and conducts primary analysis.
  • Competencies and capacities to manage the funds appropriately as per the conditions provided by GDA.


  • Experience of working with communities at risk and are able to contribute towards achieving overall goals and objectives of the project.
  • Has a strong working relationship and working experience with the government and different stakeholder.
  • Has connections with other local civil society organizations and has access to diverse local stakeholders within the communities.
  • Has specific knowledge and experience to work with the most marginalized and vulnerable communities in high-risk zones in the respective area of expertise.
  • Has legal status for operating in Laos and within listed communities. This can include non-government associations, INGOs or, potentially, local government bodies such as municipalities, etc.




Estimated Time

Survey Implementation

·        Conducting Survey in 15 communities

March to April

·        Data Input in Survey Gizmo

·        Data Analysis and Desegregation

·        Report on data collection

Local Action Planning and Implementation

·        Local Action Planning Workshops (15 communities)


·        Workshop Report including Local Action Plans for 15 communities


·        Implementation of the Local Action Plans

June to September

·        Report along with Case Study on the Implementation of Local Action Plans in 15 communities.

·        Other yet to be agreed deliverables around use of findings including development of case studies, presentations and advocacy


 to December

How to Apply:

Submit your letter of interest by no later than 23rd February 2020 to email:

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

This letter should include information on how your organization is able to implement each task and meets qualifications.