Great outcomes from team building training conference

Boutsady the warrior

Staff from Gender Development Association and their government counterparts from the Santhong District Administration spent quality time getting to know each other and building capacity during a 4 day team building training session from the 2nd-5th June at the picturesque Long Ngum View resort overlooking Nam Ngum dam.

Some of the 160 islands in the Nam Ngum dam
Some of the 160 islands in the Nam Ngum dam

The conference was facilitated by experienced trainers Tor Apichat and  Om Sabaidee (pictured below)

Experienced trainers Tor Apichat and Om Sunisa

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The first half day session was based on Awareness – Getting to know each other and ourselves.
One participant described this session as very beneficial as she learned how to be mindful that living in the past is not helpful and living in the present is the right way to live.
The participants described the day as quite emotional and very fulfilling from the sharing that they experienced.

The second day looked at Who Are We ? – Assessing Human Personalities.
Another participant thought this session was helpful in finding and working on weaknesses while learning to be stronger.

On the third day the sessions were about Your Health and Your Life – Assessing Mental and Emotional Behaviours
Several of the participants described how they learned that the physical body is directly affected by our emotions and how disease can be created by unhealthy behaviours related to emotional problems.

The participants also went on an enjoyable  boat cruise around Nam Ngum dam.

The last day sessions were How Energy Affects Us Everyday – Brainwaves and Voice Dialogue and Character Recognition –  How Do We Feel ?

GDA Communications Advisor Dan Garlick also demonstrated a funny but thought provoking team building exercise with the participants.

All participants were visibly inspired and relaxed by the finish of the conference.