AIPP trip to Sabah

Sabah, Malaysia

BY: Thatsany Nasankham

I recently went to Sabah Malaysia to attend the ” Climate Change Adaptation – Learning Highway” conference.

Sabah, Malaysia

On the trip the first day was spent in a planning meeting looking at the various activities that had been enacted by the participants.

This meeting discussed activity in in each of the target areas for this year  The main partners of the AIPP (Asian Indigenous Peoples Pact)  Laos Thailand Malaysia Indonesia were represented at the conference. Unfortunately the Phillipines could not send a representative.

Invited also were representatives of non partner countries including Vietnam, Nepal and Myanmar. They participated in discussions from the second day onwards.
Topics that were presented included:

  • Micro-Hydro and Tagal System from Pacos,
  • Good practices in Traditional Resources Management
  • The Sabah Experiences, Malaysia,
  • Climate Change Adaptation in North Maluku, Indonesia

We visited  Notoruss community to hear about their experience of how climate changes had affected their community.